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Biology of the NeuroMuscular System

The Relaix group is one of the 6 groups of the BNMS (Biology of the NeuroMuscular System) team, which encompasses an integrated translational program from basic research to biotherapies in stem cells as well as molecular medicine of the neuromuscular & musculo-skeletal systems.


Neuromuscular diseases form a large group of heterogeneous disorders affecting the different levels of the skeletal muscle functional unit from the peripheral nerve control to the musculoskeletal effector, with particular emphasis put on neuromuscular diseases causing muscular degeneration. Often untreatable, and in many cases very disabling or lethal, they pose a variety of challenges regarding scientific knowledge, preclinical modelling, therapeutic approaches and public health.


The primary objective of our projects is to capitalize on the complementary expertise in basic, translational, preclinical, and clinical research or our large team, organized as complementary groups working on the neuromuscular system, with an exclusive continuum from strong biology-centered basic science to physiopathological research, generation of neew models and tools, cohort studies, and therapeutic assays.


For more information on the BNMS Team, please visit the dedicated websites:

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