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What pubmed won't tell you about us

Fred RELAIX.jpg

​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

I was a photographer long before knowing the structure of DNA.

What the Relaix lab says about Fred

 "The eternal optimist about life, people and projects"


"Too famous"


What the Relaix lab says about Lila

 "Lila is the best financial assistant I ever worked with."


"Fabulous! Once you meet her, you don't forget her. "

​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 


To see >44 countries and cultures around the world

What the Relaix lab says about Despoina

 "An efficient, helpful and reliable person with a funny and adorable personality"


​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

Modern Pentathlon association

What the Relaix lab says about Marianne

 "A firm character, a true helping hand, and a childish laughter. "


"A star of French proverbs"

Philippos MOURIKIS

​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

Regulation of how a ball can go from one side of the court to the other with a focus on the yellow ball.

What the Relaix lab says about Philippos

 "Outstanding researcher with a true academic vision."


"Greece contributed a lot in arts, philosophy, democracy, science... and it still is by giving us such a brilliant biologist. "


Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

Museums, ballet and music!

What the Relaix lab says about Peggy

 "Very good in negotiations and an excellent patissier."


"A very smiley teacher and scientist always available to help her colleagues."

​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 


What the Relaix lab says about Stephanie

"In less time than you need to twist the cap of a beer, she will already have twisted the neck of your “to do list” (and.. yes, actually drunk your beer)."


"Someone who listens to others, quiet, reassuring, peaceful, confident, someone who sees the glass more half full than half empty."


What the Relaix lab says about Frederic:

"You can clone as he says, you can't clone as he does"


"The nicest rude person ever"

"Grumbling out loud like a bird in springtime, he will always give you a (pipette) hand when you’re down without (microscope) light."

Frederic AURADE

What the Relaix lab says about Bernie

 "Bernie is our mouse SUPER labmanager and makes sure we will not become transgenic. "


"Bernie les bons tuyaux: You need an info? She would know!"


​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

I practice running and I like music.

What the Relaix lab says about Juliette

 "The girl who makes muscles transparent"


"Super active woman, always volunteer to help everyone even during our coffee time !"

"Juliette is a microscopist magician able to make the visible invisible and vice versa…"

​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

Climbing, running

What the Relaix lab says about Matt

 "It’s known that: “people who love to eat are always the best people”. Besides that, his sympathetic personality and brightness in science made him perfect."


" "It's peanut butter jelly time!"  "

Matthew BOROK

​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

I practice “DIY”, I tinker with whatever falls down on my road, I love car mechanics and put (my) hands in the grease.  But I also like to bother folks by making some noise with guitar/piano.

What the Relaix lab says about Audrey

 "The strength of her smile gives you motivation in a very bad day."


"It's a bummer"  "


​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 


What the Relaix lab says about Joana

 "They say only 2% of earth’s population have green eyes. But she’s not unique only for that. Joana is a lovely person combining the sweet heart of a baby and the brilliant mind of a master."


"  "But I waaaant"  "


​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

Whatever with trekking boots and a loaded backpack with wine, bread, and chorizo.

What the Relaix lab says about Sergio

 "Blot, blot, western, baby."


"Sergio is our adipose tissue-man. He is a young post-doc, although his short telomeres and all his aches and pains suggest that he is close to retirement."

​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

Travelling, Movies, Ninja Turtles, Juventus

What the Relaix lab says about Alessio

 "His favorite things (in no particular order) are science, pizza, and the ninja turtles"



Alessio  ROTINI

​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

I love to travel around the world, discovering places off the beaten path and different cultures. Then, my hobbies include training at the gym, reading books, and (..when I have the possibility) doing scuba diving.

What the Relaix lab says about Vale

 "In contrast to Snow White, her lunch apples have superpowers and are not poisonous"


"Efficient in running 10 projects at once. Also: the psychologist of the lab"

Reem BOU-AKAR.jpg

​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

My therapy is a walk through the woods. While many people hike for the enjoyment of it, it also gives you more endurance, stronger muscles and a better mood.

What the Relaix lab says about Reem

 "Real-life Lebanese princess with a sharp mind,  a heart of gold, maturity and kindness of angels. Even better, she loves good food."


"Reem might well be the most serious, ethical and funny among the PhD students, she's the light of the PhD student office."

Christelle  DUBOIS

​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

Relaxing with friends and family, testing new extreme sports, kittens. 

What the Relaix lab says about Christelle

 "Even though Christelle is currently exposed to pollutants, she never loses her smile and her good mood!"


"Christelle is a wise and brilliant PhD student who loves thrills of all kinds. When she is not consuming dioxin in the lab, she enjoys flying in the air, skydiving or bungee-jumping all around the world."

​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

Reading (does the exact opposite of maintaining the muscle actually) 

What the Relaix lab says about Perla

 "There could be explosions happening in her head, but you would never understand a thing. No matter the situation, she looks calm,  so self-disciplined, a rather admirable virtue! "


"Imagine having the heart of a baby, the mind of Dexter, the style of a Lebanese all summed up in one girl, who is also a fan on Guns N' Roses and knows every episode of FRIENDS by heart."


What the Relaix lab says about Stemi

 "Stemi is the last Great Greek Diva while also being incredibly hard-working and generous"


"She's a dedicated, passionate hard worker... after all she's a kung fu girl! "


Strategy for muscle maintenance:

Outdoor jogger, Gym person

What the Relaix lab says about Zeynab

 "Zeynab is a very talented PhD and her voice will enchant you. When she is singing in the lab, your day gets better "


"With great smile comes great responsibility! A person who is very nice personally and professionally and but also a very good cook. What else?"


​Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

Validating the above findings in the gym.

What the Relaix lab says about Leo

 "I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now" – Queen  "


"A healthy mind in a healthy body ! The only scientist capable of bench pressing 140 kilos."

What the Relaix lab says about Marie

 "The only woman of the lab who doesn’t drink coffee."


"Don't try to talk to her before 9 AM ! After waking up she will be super happy to spend time with you to teach a lot of things or helping."


Strategy for muscle maintenance: 

Cheerfully lifting a 15 kgs baby boy twenty consecutive times twice a day.

What the Relaix lab says about Joseph

"Joseph is a vascular surgeon temporarily deprived of his electric scalpel and a good influencer for interesting series, films or podcasts"

Joseph TOUMA
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