The Relaix lab seeks to understand the fundamendal mechanisms of development and regeneration, using skeletal muscle as a model tissue. 

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Our lab is part of the BNMS Team, directed by Fred Relaix:

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October 2020: Thank you to Pascal Maire for the collaboration on using single nucleus sequencing on muscle samples. Frst joint paper is now published in ⁦ Nat Commun, showing coordinated transcription within myofibers.

October 2020: Valentina presenting poster in the WMS virtual meeting. Congratulations to her for the conference prize!

October 2020: We welcome Mathilde Rodrigues (PhD student) in the team

September 2020: We welcome Jules Gilet (associate professor), Sylvie Manin (assistant engineer), Eleni Chrysostomou (post-doc) & Erica Kimber (assistant engineer), in the team.

August 2020: The EMBOmuscle2020 meeting co-organized by Fred, is passing to a hybrid (online + on-site) format

July 2020: You can find our study on "Distinct phases of postnatal skeletal muscle growth govern the progressive establishment of muscle stem cell quiescence" in Stem Cell Reports here

May 2020: Despoina presenting poster in the ASGCT virtual meeting

April 2020: Fred giving talk in the Muscle Regeneration in Isolation virtual meeting

April 2020: We welcome Anais Bleuzen (assistant engineer) in the team

March 2020: Our team passed to remote work mode in view of the COVID-19 epidemic:
- Sending material to our collaborators will be on hold for a while
- Delivery of recent orders is possible thanks to the continuing activity plan of IMRB
- We expect to transform all those stocked data to submitted papers #CoronavirusResolutions

March 2020: Our study on "Platelets promote pro-angiogenic activity of mesenchymal stem cells via mitochondrial transfer and metabolic reprogramming" is available on Cell Metabolism sneak peek here

February 2020: Our study on "Skeletal muscle tissue damage leads to a conserved stress response and stem cell-specific adaptive transitions" is available on CellStemCell sneak peek here

February 2020Dr. Han Li visited the lab and presented her work on reprogramming and cellular plasticity

January 2020: We​ are grateful to AFM-Telethon for renewing their trust to our Translamuscle Strategic Pole and supporting our translational research on neuromuscular disorders

December 2019Prof. Elazar Zelzer visited the lab and presented interesting results on the bone-tendon-muscle system

December 2019: Marie defended her PhDs 

November 2019: Multiple team members visited French schools to discuss gene & cell therapy (see highlights)

November 2019: Zeynab and Leo defended their PhDs 

October 2019: Poster prize to Alessio in the 3rd International Conference on Stem Cells meeting (Chania, Greece) 

September 2019: Fred giving talk in the Frontiers in Myogenesis meeting (San Jose, Costa Rica) 

July 2019: We organized the first BNMS retreat to exchange ideas on results & scientific strategies of all groups of the BNMS team

June 2019: Philippos promoted to DR2 at CNRS

June 2019: Philippos giving talk and Joana presenting poster in GRC Myogenesis (Lucca, Italy)

May 2019: Fred giving talk in the Institute of Genetics and Biophysics (Napoli, Italy)

April 2019: You can find our latest publication (highlights on the right) in Cell Stem Cell here

March 2019: Fred giving talk in the Myology 2019 meeting - many of our PhD & post-docs presenting posters (Bordeaux, France)


PAX3 confers functional heterogeneity in skeletal muscle stem cell responses to environmental stress


  • Pax3 expression determines satellite cell responses to AHR-dependent environmental stress

  • TCDD exposure elicits aberrant survival, activation, and myofiber fusion in Pax3- satellite cells.

  • Pax3-dependent G(alert) and detox pathways protect satellite cells from environmental stress

Campaign "1000 researchers visit schools"


  • 11 members of our team visited 12 schools in November 2019 in the frame of a campaign conceptualized and coordinated by AFM-Telethon

  • we interacted with ~1,500 students to discuss the latest advancements of gene and cell therapy as well as science careers

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